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The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles
− Metamorphosis −

It all begins with an attack on the life of young Wolf. Since then the appearance of horribly distorted corpses in the vicinity of the child causes a sensation. The Wilsons are suspected of being cursed with a werewolf curse and are driven out of their familiar environment into the solitude of the wilderness. There the family hopes to be able to have an almost normal life again.

However, the curse reaches for the fate of Wolf there, too. It comes to a momentous encounter, which threatens to lead the Wilsons and in particular the young Wilson to a catastrophic end. To save himself Wolf is forced to take big step − a step that leads him far beyond the isolation of the untouched wilderness of Alaska into a world full of dangers and new challenges that do not tolerate failure.

Young Wolf follows a plan! But is it really his plan?

Reading rehearsal

Unfortunately "The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Metamorphosis" is only published in german. I'm searching for a publisher at present who is willing to translate "The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Metamorphosis".
Nevertheless, in case you speak german I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. catzwinker

The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Metamorphosis
Over nine years separationness − living in another world − a world of a kind which wouldn't be inconceivable on Earth. But it exists…

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